Set Up Third-Party Virtual Key

When setting up Third-Party Virtual Key with Tesla, you might run into an issue, where after tapping the "Add virtual key with Tesla" button in Watch for Tesla on iOS, you'll open up Teslas website in Safari where you'll see a blue "Finish Setup" button. When you tap the Finish Setup button, the official Tesla app opens, and you are supposed to see a popup, allowing you to add as a virtual key to your vehicle. If you do NOT see this prompt, please force quit the official Tesla app by swiping up from the app switcher bar or double-tapping the home button on your phone, then swipe the official Tesla app up and off the screen towards the top. Then head back to Safari and tap the "Finish Setup" button again, and wait for the Add Virtual Key prompt to appear.

Non-Safari browser: If you are not redirected back to the official Tesla app, please ensure you use the Safari browser - either change your default browser or manually copy and open the tesla virtual key url in Safari.

Regarding leased vehicles: If you get an access denied message when trying to add the virtual key using the official Tesla app, be aware that it apparantly is common practice in certain countries - United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany - for leasing companies to not grant vehicle owner permissions to users. The forced rollout of Tesla Fleet API by Tesla REQUIRES owner permissions to add third party application support to the vehicle. This is a restriction imposed by Tesla. At the moment, there is nothing I can do about that - please reach out to your leasing company and bring this problem forward, that Tesla in 2024 require vehicle owner permissions to use third party applications with their vehicles, and that you politely request to have owner permissions to your vehicle.

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