ADVISORY: Breaking API changes rolling out now - November 2023

As of November 17th, Tesla has begun rolling out an updated API, that completely breaks the existing API. This had been announced for release by end of year, but they have started rolling it out now. Any vehicle using the new api WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESPOND TO COMMANDS FROM WATCH FOR TESLA. The app will be completely without function on affected vehicles, until the new API has been adopted.

This work is currently IN PROGRESS.

This is not a drill - this app - and any other 3rd party app not updated to use the new API - will be broken on these vehicles. If you are affected, I am truly sorry - Tesla had communicated a rollout from the start of the new year, allowing us to prepare a smooth transition to the new API - but have jumped the gun.

I am feverishly trying to get the new API implemented and ready to ship, but this WILL take time. In the meantime, I have bad news - the app will not be functional until further notice.

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